Celebrating Solar Innovation: Our Journey at Intersolar India 2024

Celebrating Solar Innovation: Our Journey at Intersolar India 2024

The vibrant energy of Intersolar India 2024 lingers as we bid farewell to this dynamic event, and at Sat Control d.o.o., we are thrilled to share the impact of our presence alongside our esteemed partner, New Energie Renewables.

Sat Control d.o.o.: Shaping Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape

With over two decades of dedication to renewable energy and automation solutions, Sat Control d.o.o. proudly stands at the forefront of innovation. Based in Slovenia, our commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting cutting-edge products has earned us recognition globally.

Collaboration with New Energie Renewables

Our partnership with New Energie Renewables is a testament to our joint passion for renewable energy. At Intersolar India 2024, our collaboration was a standout, combining expertise to present innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector. Together, we continue to drive the industry forward and shape a sustainable energy future.

Gratitude for Your Support

The success of Intersolar India 2024 is a shared achievement, and Sat Control d.o.o. and New Energie Renewables express gratitude to everyone who visited our booth. Looking ahead, our commitment to championing renewable energy solutions remains strong. Together, let’s forge a future that is cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to meeting you at upcoming events as we contribute to a greener world.

Sat Control team