Procedure how to buy via Internet

Purchasing procedure

Procedure how to buy via Internet – solar motors

Step 1: Add product to cart

Step 2: “VIEW CART” or go directly to “CHECKOUT”

If you clicked “VIEW CART”, the screen below will open… (check your cart, fill in requested data and proceede with click on “Proceed to checkout” button)

Step 3: If you clicked “CHECKOUT” or “Proceede to checkout”, the screen below will open:

  • Fill in all “Billing details”

  • Shipping costs will update if you enter all correct address information (examples below):


  • If you receive notice “For Oversized Items Method And Cost Of Delivery By Agreement.”, please contact us  before proceeding the order.

Step 4: Select “Payment method”: select your prefered payment method

  • “Direct bank transfer”

    • Click “PLACE ORDER” and you will receive e-mail detailed information for payment
  • “Cash on delivery ”

    • Click “PLACE ORDER” (you will pay at the delivery)
  • “Pay Pal”

    • Click “PLACE ORDER” and proceed with Pay Pal login to confirm payment

  • “Credit/debit Cards”

    • Fill in requested data (you can “Save Card” for later usage) and click “PLACE ORDER”

Step 5: “Order Complete”

  • If your order was placed with all right and requested data, it wil take you to the confirmation screen
  • If errors will occurred (red text notices), please check and correct them, than confirm the order again 


For any questions, requests or complaints with respect to order confirment, you can contact us at [email protected]